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    The Harebrained Blog about Period Panties, Design, and Good Time Fun

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    Harebrained's Open House

    Harebrained's Open House Harebrained

    For the first time ever, Harebrained is allowing people to shop inside of our headquarters. We’ll have deals on shirts, underwear and more! Also, our friends @twistedhippo @shawnimals and @atomicrocket will be there to join in the fun!

    FYI: While we are going to have a ton of product there, keep in mind that most of our shirts are printed and fulfilled offsite. So if you’re looking for a specific Harebrained shirt (I’ve made over 1000 different designs), your best bet is going through the website. But if you're down to see what weird stuff we have at 5526 W. Montrose Ave, stop on by!

    Dibs: A Chicago Tradition... And Now A Toy

    Dibs: A Chicago Tradition... And Now A Toy Harebrained

    My friend Shawn (also known as Shawnimals) and I came up with a pretty silly product for the holidays: the Dibs Starter Pack!

    It’s a little chair that you can put wherever, or hang on your tree as an ornament, or — hell — even save your seat at the bar! You know... dibs. The beloved / hated Chicago tradition.

    It comes properly packaged in a blister pack, and has two, count ‘em TWO stickers to decorate your chair AND a hook so you can use it as an ornament (the top has a tiny hole pre-drilled for the hook).

    A special intro price of $12.99 when you buy one of ‘em, and even deeper discounts when you buy 5 and 10 packs! Is this the perfect holiday gift? Yes, yes it is.

    Available at or on this website!

    Crust Fund Pizza x Harebrained Collaboration

    Crust Fund Pizza x Harebrained Collaboration Harebrained

    A couple of years ago my friend John approached me about designing a logo/mascot for his newest idea: Crust Fund Pizza. John had mastered making Chicago tavern style pizza and wanted to use his pizza prowess to raise money for local nonprofits. So he did it the only way he knew how: by selling pizzas out of his alley.  

    Two years later I approached John about doing a Harebrained/Crust Fund Pizza collab. We settled on sicking to what we do best: John would make the pies and I would sell some shirts (specifically this shirt). And together over the span of a week, we raised $3,613 for one of my favorite nonprofits: My Block, My Hood, My City. 

    Crust Fund Pizza and Harebrained Collaboration

    It was a blast coming together to help a local organization like M3, and I can't wait for Crust Fund & Harebrained to collaborate again!

    BRAND NEW: Tampon Keeper

    BRAND NEW: Tampon Keeper

    The contents might not be much more fun than algebra homework, but our brand new Tampon Keeper will help keep you organized and ready for life's monthly pop quiz.