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    Founded by illustrator/designer Anthony Hall in 2008, Harebrained is a Chicago duo dedicated to making anything and everything awesome. We are best known for our line of menstrual themed undies, "Period Panties", and now offer everything from tees to baby clothes to enamel pins. In 2017, Harebrained  expanded into the tabletop game market with a NSFW trivia game called Shit For Brains, which is now available in book form. 


    Anthony Hall, Founder and Owner, Lead Artist

    Anthony can usually be found walking his two young kids around his neighborhood, drinking beer in a beer-drinking facility, or compulsively drawing in the dark hovel he refers to as his office. He loves brownies, puns, wood paneling and bringing more art to his neighborhood via his art gallery The Seventh Corner.

    Amanda Barber, Everything Else

    Amanda can usually be found not walking her cat Gary, drinking beer in a beer-drinking facility, or compulsively keeping the company afloat in the dark hovel she refers to as her office. She loves regional sandwiches, crafting themed road trip playlists, and LL Cool J's construction worker outfit in the "Doin It" video. 

     To reach the Harebrained team, please send a message using the form below: