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    Pundies: The Bad Natured Collection

    We are playing around with the idea of coming out with a line of ill-mannered animal underwear called The Bad Natured Collection! Right now we've got 4 designs: "Owl See You in Hell", "Zero Fox to Give", "What Are Ewe Looking At", and "Frankly My Deer". This would be our first foray into the non-menstrual undie world (i.e. Period Panties) so we're sort of feeling things out and seeing if there's any demand for such a line. We'll construct them similarly to our already existing Period Panties line, so anyone who owns a pair of Period Panties already will know what they're getting!

    What other animal puns would you want to see? Maybe a tough looking alpaca "Alpaca my foot up your ass"? Let us know in the comments!