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    2017's Shirt Designs!

    2017 was an amazing year for us! We had a birth, a wedding, and we hired a new employee! We released two non-period related underwear lines (Bad Natured and Hunky Junkies) and a trivia game (Shit For Brains)! In addition to that, we designed more shirt designs in 2017 than any other year! (Check out those designs here!)

    Hopefully we can outdo ourselves in 2018!

    Introducing The Bad Natured Collection

    The Bad Natured Collection is here! I've been wanting to come out with a line of non-menstrual panties for as long as I've been designing Period Panties! So needless to say, I'm absolutely pumped to be able put some more puns on your buns! Get "Zero Fox to Give" and "Owl See You in Hell" now! Have a pun you'd like us to design, leave us a comment!