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    New Men's Style

    New Men's Style Harebrained

    A year and a half ago we introduced our men's line Hunky Junkies! Since we hadn't done men's underwear before, we weren't totally sure on which direction to take them. Boxer briefs, briefs, trunks, boxer shorts, banana hammocks... the options were overwhelming. So we asked the internet, friends, and family on their preferences and landed on something around a trunk-style pair of underwear. And since we've introduced our trunk-style Hunky Junkies, we've gotten a lot of feedback: some good, some constructive! The most common things that we heard were: 1) The waistband was too thin and dug into people's sides, 2) The low-rise waistline was too low and subjected strangers to public butt crackings, and 3) The legs were too short. Basically, people wanted something closer to a boxer brief than a trunk style. With that in mind, we raised the waistline, lengthened the legs, and introduced a fatter waistband for maximum comfort. The initial reactions are in, and the new boxer brief style are WAY more comfortable! So from now on, all new men's underwear will come in the boxer brief style, unless the banana hammock becomes all the rage again! The first 3 pairs in our boxer brief style are Bone Zone, Bustin', and Belongs in a Museum, with more designs to come!