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    Crust Fund Pizza x Harebrained Collaboration

    Crust Fund Pizza x Harebrained Collaboration Harebrained

    A couple of years ago my friend John approached me about designing a logo/mascot for his newest idea: Crust Fund Pizza. John had mastered making Chicago tavern style pizza and wanted to use his pizza prowess to raise money for local nonprofits. So he did it the only way he knew how: by selling pizzas out of his alley.  

    Two years later I approached John about doing a Harebrained/Crust Fund Pizza collab. We settled on sicking to what we do best: John would make the pies and I would sell some shirts (specifically this shirt). And together over the span of a week, we raised $3,613 for one of my favorite nonprofits: My Block, My Hood, My City. 

    Crust Fund Pizza and Harebrained Collaboration

    It was a blast coming together to help a local organization like M3, and I can't wait for Crust Fund & Harebrained to collaborate again!

    Carebrained: Thoughts and Prayers

    Carebrained:  Thoughts and Prayers Harebrained

    This is basically how I feel when anyone in power offers their "Thoughts and Prayers". It's a throwaway line that does nothing. So let's do something to help fight the epidemic of mass shootings in America. 

    We decided to donate 100% of all "Thoughts And Prayers" shirt proceeds to Moms Demand Action- an organization dedicated to curbing gun violence. 

    "Thoughts And Prayers" have been added to our Carebrained Collection, where 100% of all proceeds go to non-profits.