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    Meaties Cereal

    Meaties Cereal Harebrained

    (I wrote this as a text only Facebook post for reasons, so enjoy this copy and paste)

    "Okay, so it's a cereal design (you know how we love those) and it's got Parks & Rec's Ron Swanson on it. He's sporting his signature mustache, pompadour, and grimace- all while holding a spoonful of cereal. In his other hand is a note that says "Give me all the bacon and egg marshmallows". Now the cereal is called "Meaties" which is a play on the iconic "Wheaties" brand cereal. Wheaties doesn't have any marshmallows, but I've ignored that fact so I could add some extra fun elements to the design. In this case, the marshmallows look like eggs, bacon, sausages, and a t-bone steak. Above the name "Meaties" is the name of the fake company that manufacturers the cereal : Food & Stuff. Much like other real cereals, there's something FREE in the box; Meaties has a free "Pyramid of Greatness" included in the cereal box."

    Reading is fun! So is this shirt! Buy the shirt!

    February Undie of the Month

    February Undie of the Month Harebrained

    February has arrived! America has a new president and there's hope that this administration will actually want to serve the people who voted them in (Fingers crossed). What better panty design to be Febraury's Undie of the Month than "Our Lady of Pawnee"?! Parks & Rec's Leslie Knope wanted to serve and improve the lives of the people of Pawnee- a fictional standard that we should hold all our non-fictional elected officials to! Another standard that Leslie Knope set and we should follow? Eat more breakfast food. (Revisit the best of Leslie Knope.)

    So go on and treat yo-self and your galentines to our Undie of the Month!