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    Happy National Hot Dog Day

    Like I need a reason to shove a wiener in my mouth! Some people live by that trite saying "Dance like nobody is watching". I live my life like every day is National Hot Dog Day! And it shows. My beer belly is more like a beef belly.

    Back to the main reason why I started this blog post: LOOK AT THIS HOT DOG LOGO that I designed over 5 years ago! The coals of this company fizzled out before they could ever get hot, but that doesn't mean I love this mascot any less. I mean, look at his mustard mustache and bow tie! His top hat and fancy shoes! If I didn't know any better, this guy is less of a hot dog and more of a SPOILED BRAT! 

    Bun puns aside, Harebrained is now available for hire! We want to design your logo, beer label, and band shirt! Rates are negotiable. Send us an email here!