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    Mega Man & Wolverine Shirts! SNIKT!

    Now that I'm a 34 year old, I can look back at my early gaming years with a certain fondness. Sure, I was awkward looking, didn't talk much and shook with excitement when it was my turn to play– but I still consider those days rather formidable to making me the person that I am today. None more so than Mario Bros 3 for the NES. That game had insane 8-bit graphics, secrets within the game, and was a huge leap in gameplay from Mario 2. I mean, Mario could fly if he had a raccoon tail and ears! It made no sense, and as a kid I loved it. Fuck, I still love it. So needless to say, the Mario Bros 3 cover was also my favorite. It was so simple, yet instantly iconic. 

    So it shouldn't shock anyone that if I'm going to make a t-shirt design, that it'll pay homage to that classic video game cover! So here's two brand new designs! Super Weapon X and Super Rock Man! Both are dedicated to two other dear characters in my childhood: Wolverine and Mega Man. (Full Disclosure: I hired Obvian: The Art of Nathan Davis) to design Super Weapon X) Both are up on Harebrained's Teepublic store! Is there a shirt that you'd like to see Harebrained design? Send us an email or let us know in the comments!