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    Introducing The Bad Natured Collection

    The Bad Natured Collection is here! I've been wanting to come out with a line of non-menstrual panties for as long as I've been designing Period Panties! So needless to say, I'm absolutely pumped to be able put some more puns on your buns! Get "Zero Fox to Give" and "Owl See You in Hell" now! Have a pun you'd like us to design, leave us a comment!

    Pundies: The Bad Natured Collection

    We are playing around with the idea of coming out with a line of ill-mannered animal underwear called The Bad Natured Collection! Right now we've got 4 designs: "Owl See You in Hell", "Zero Fox to Give", "What Are Ewe Looking At", and "Frankly My Deer". This would be our first foray into the non-menstrual undie world (i.e. Period Panties) so we're sort of feeling things out and seeing if there's any demand for such a line. We'll construct them similarly to our already existing Period Panties line, so anyone who owns a pair of Period Panties already will know what they're getting!

    What other animal puns would you want to see? Maybe a tough looking alpaca "Alpaca my foot up your ass"? Let us know in the comments!