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    The MarUndies Map Briefs

    The MarUndies Map Briefs Harebrained

    Once a comic con exclusive, our Harry Potter inspired Marauders Map undies are now available on the Harebrained website for all Muggles, Mudbloods, and Witches. Get the "Mar-undies Map" underwear to let everyone know that you "solemnly swear that you're up to no good"!

    It's Sketchy Work

    It's Sketchy Work Harebrained

    Everything that we make at the office starts off as a scribbled down mess of lines. We'll have a basic idea of what we want to do, sketch out a couple of quick versions of what we're thinking, and then start the vectoring process. Here's an example of a sketch that we really liked "Hairy Pawter" and made some slight adjustments along the way. Nathan had the brilliant idea of turning the snitch into one of those bell ball toys, which in my mind makes the design. One day we hope to see Hairy Pawter on a baby onesie and an enamel pin! -Anthony

    Master has given Dobby a gig!

    dobby danzig
    Inspired by our recent experience slinging panties at Riot Fest in Chicago, here's our newest t-shirt design- Dobby! So far in interviews, Danzig has been very tight-lipped about his love for Harry Potter and this house elf, but we're fairly certain he's a lover of all things Hogwarts.
    Get it on our etsy page: