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    Two New Period Panties Concepts!

    We've worked up a couple of new Period Panties designs! The first one is a Reading Rainbow parody called Bleeding Rainbow! How's everyone feel about tampon butterflies? They're cute, they're funny, they're badass, and if anyone gets too close...blood! The second is my attempt at a Supernatural-inspired design! My god, drawing faces of real people is tough! I think I redesigned Sam's face 3 different times! If you want to menstruate on either of these two designs, let us know! We love to hear from our fans!


    Why are they called "Period Panties"?

    period panties events

    When we're out shaking hands with the people, getting in some quality face time with our fans and customers and general passersby, we get asked again and again, "Why are these called 'Period Panties'?

    Allow us to explain. Our Period Panties, while not meant to replace a normal menstrual product like a tampon or pad, are created with periods in mind. They feature a double-lined black gusset ("inner crotch panel"), so in the event of some unforeseen spotting, your underwear won't get stained. Furthermore, the designs on the underwear tend to be very colorful, so even if the spotting is heavy and it happens to soak through, the busy designs will help camouflage any incidental staining that may occur. Additionally, our Period Panties are a full-coverage brief and are well structured so they won't ride up or slip down. The boyshorts version is even more full coverage, and many customers who have tried them tell us they can't go back to briefs! Both the Period Panties briefs and boyshorts have a wide enough panel to comfortably fit a pad if that's your style.

    And of course, lastly, or maybe firstly depending on what's important to you, the puns and designs on our Period Panties may reflect your inner mood- whether it be the raging unicorn inside you, or the take-no-shit superhero ready to face the world. And even if they don't reflect your mood, they're always good for a laugh at that not-so-fun time of the month!