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    Super Omni Mario

    Super Omni Mario Harebrained

    Welcome to our newest shirt mash up- Super Omni Mario and it's a mashup of Mario and a character called Omni Man from the animated series & comic book, Invincible. If you're not familiar, Omni Man is basically Superman with a mustache; Mario is a Nintendo video game character who also has a mustache. A mustache is not their only shared trait: Omni Man has a cape, can fly, and is strong enough to kill anyone on Earth. Mario also has a cape, can fly, and indiscriminately slaughters anything he comes across on his world. They're basically the same person.

    Want your own Super Omni Mario? Get your own shirt here!

    New Enamel Pins

    New Enamel Pins Harebrained

    While we're waiting for our incredibly late order of summer underwear, we decided to get some more enamel pins made up! We took two of our "Vintage" series characters, Vintage Link & Vintage Plumber and turned them into sweet pins! They both have a black metallic finish which gives them the feel that they're way more fancy then they actually are- you could wear them to a wedding!
    Another design that we turned into a pin is Scare Bear! Scare Bear was originally supposed to be a pair of Period Panties, but we didn't think the name was strong enough for us to turn it into a pair of underwear. So here it is as a limited time pin! If you have a better name for us, let us know! It's all that keeping this idea from being on your butt!