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    WWDITS's Guillermo Is The Best

    WWDITS's Guillermo Is The Best

    It's super rare to find a celebrity that's not only available to fans, but actually goes out of his way to foster the relationship between a fandom and it's fans. Harvey Guillen aka Guillermo on FX's What We Do In the Shadows is one of those celebs. Last year, he wore my GuillermO's Cereal shirt and shared it on social media- I was blown away that he went out of his way to credit me! Almost no one on the internet (famous or not) who shares my artwork ever gives me credit (but I love it when you guys do), so needless to say I'm a fan for life. After sharing GuillermO's, I thanked him and he suggested another mashup "Shadow Babies". After a couple of months, I was able to make the design and sent him a shirt! I can't tell you how rewarding and reaffirming it is to see a celebrity like Harvey, pitch me an idea and then see him wearing it a few months later. It's fucking awesome, and I hope everyone who hasn't already, checks out What We Do In The Shadows. The actors are just as amazing as the comedy. You can stream it on Hulu if you don't have cable. "Shadow Babies" shirts are available here.

    Shadow Babies What We Do In The Shadows Shirt

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