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    Carebrained: Thoughts and Prayers

    Carebrained:  Thoughts and Prayers

    This is basically how I feel when anyone in power offers their "Thoughts and Prayers". It's a throwaway line that does nothing. So let's do something to help fight the epidemic of mass shootings in America. 

    We decided to donate 100% of all "Thoughts And Prayers" shirt proceeds to Moms Demand Action- an organization dedicated to curbing gun violence. 

    "Thoughts And Prayers" have been added to our Carebrained Collection, where 100% of all proceeds go to non-profits.

    You'll Have To Speak Up

    You'll Have To Speak Up

    One of my favorite Homer Simpson quotes is "You'll have to speak up, I'm wearing a towel"; the joke being that wearing a towel wouldn't affect your hearing. Now in this mashup, I've completely ruined the ridiculousness of the original statement, because in this instance, it would make sense that a cowl would hinder his hearing. Thus this mashup is actually worse than the original scene that I referenced. Please accept my apology in the form of a free coloring page

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