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    The Harebrained Blog about Period Panties, Design, and Good Time Fun

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    Free Coloring Page: El Caganer

    Free Coloring Page: El Caganer Harebrained

    One fact that we love from our Shit For Brains game and book is about El Caganer:

    "In Spain's Catalonia region, nativity scenes include a very special character: El Caganer, a villager taking a dump in the corner. Traditionally, the figure was a male peasant with a red hat; nowadays the mad crapper can be anyone, including politicians, movie stars, and video game characters."

    I feel like we need to spread the word and adopt El Caganer on a global level. If you'd like to add a little Spanish culture into your life, download this FREE coloring page and hang it up in your home!

    Panty Drop! Four Brand New Period Panties!

    Panty Drop! Four Brand New Period Panties! Harebrained

    Brand New Period Panties!

    Ahhh autumn. The season where the panties drop like leaves. We just released four brand new Period Panties: Clot in the Slot (designed by our first guest artist Captain Ribman!), Danger Womb, The Ovulator, and Tragic Carpet Ride! Check them out and let us know what you think!

    Also we are going to be dropping a ton more undies in 2022- so be sure to sign up for our newsletter that only goes out twice a month! No Spam!

    Sh*t For Brains: THE NSFW TRIVIA BOOK

    Sh*t For Brains: THE NSFW TRIVIA BOOK

    Now available at these retailers!

    Barnes & Noble
    Books A Million (BAM!)
    Hudson Booksellers

    We've got some BIG news; our NSFW trivia game Shit For Brains is now an NSFW trivia book: Sh*t For Brains! We may have dropped the "i", but we've added tons of new stuff you'll be sorry to learn. You'll find chapters with freaky facts from the game (Bodily Functions, Crime & Death, and Sexy Time to name a few), and brand new (but just as twisted) chapters covering everything from sports to snacks. Preorder now to get "Junk Drawer", an EXCLUSIVE pdf bonus chapter full of trivia too wild to categorize. 


    Did you know that Big Bird was originally supposed to fly on the doomed Challenger Space Shuttle? Or that smelling your own farts was considered a cure for the bubonic plague? Now those are things you can't unlearn.

    Shit For Brains Trivia

    Shit For Brains trivia book

    Born out of love for trivia and hatred for boring, bland facts, Sh*t for Brains is the ultimate wild ride of truth--from hilarious pop culture factoids to little-known insights from history, this twisted trivia book will make you laugh, cry, and maybe even cringe.

    Shit For Brains NSFW Trivia Book

    Shit For Brains NSFW Trivia Book


    A great gift for tweens, teens, and your bar trivia pals, Sh*t for Brains is not-so-average trivia for not-so-average people.