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    The Harebrained Blog about Period Panties, Design, and Good Time Fun

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    Shit For Brains

    Shit For Brains
    A lot of people assume we just sit around, play with dogs, drink beer, and occasionally think of period puns. And, well, sometimes that is what we do. But we've also been hard at work for the past two years researching the most insane, irreverent, dystopian, cynical, disgusting, outrageous, cringe-inducing, hilarious, depressing, ironic, pathetic, and outright weird facts that we can find. We've cobbled all these facts into questions, subdivided them into categories (Sexy Time, 'Merica, Nature Calls, Drugs Man, Crime & Death, and Bodily Functions). The game plays like a version of Trivial Pursuit that is actually fun. Know any politicians who got reelected after getting caught smoking crack? Know what discarded body parts are used for cosmetic testing? What brand was Monica Lewinsky's jizzum-stained dress? You get the idea.
    All our hard work is finally coming to market soon. We're getting set to launch a kickstarter, with the video shoot scheduled for next week and the launch happening in May. 
    Get ready to be forever scarred by the things you can't un-know!
    Live link coming soon!

    New Shirts and Updated Clearance Section!

    darth vader cat mario cat
    We've just released a couple new shirts- "It's a Me-ow, Mario" (that's the Mario Cat on the left if you couldn't tell) and "That's No Ball of Yarn!" (which is the Darth Vader Cat on the I have to spell it out for you??). These shirts are available in both toddler sizes (2T-6T) and adult S-3XL. They were a huge hit when they debuted at the Salt Lake FanX and Wizard World Cleveland Comic Cons a couple weeks ago!
    clearance pokemon doctor who walking dead xmen
    We've also added some new items to our Clearance section! 5 shirts just added- get them before they're gone! This is far and away the cheapest you'll ever find these shirts, and since we use high-quality screen printing, these are a real steal.

    Wizard World Comic Con Portland!

    wizard world portland 2017

    We had a great weekend at Portland Wizard World (despite being directly behind a t-shirt booth with a 20 ft tall banner, which completely obscured our booth). We were positioned right by the stage that featured Kato Kaelin as the MC. Believe it or not, it is totally possible to get your fill of that guy.

    Which of our hilarious Period Panties do you think was our best seller? It was...drumroll please...Mudblood! It's great to see how dedicated people are to Harry Potter after all these years. Modern literary classics, those books!

    My favorite part of any comic con is the costumes- I think it's incredible that so many people put together costumes to wear. Anyone who's ever worn a wig for a Halloween costume knows how uncomfortable those things are, so to see people really committing to their fashion choices, however unconventional they are, is really inspiring. And it's been a few months since we've vended at a comic con, so it's always interesting to see what costumes are more or less in vogue. We're seeing a lot of Elevens from Stranger Things (and a few Dustins too), and way fewer Harley Quinns. Maybe because the Suicide Squad movie was such a flop? Also, in another episode of the increasingly popular series "Hey, You're Not Getting Any Younger", we discovered that a show called Gravity Falls is the new hit- it follows twins Mabel and Dipper Pines who live in a town in Oregon stuff. Maybe that's why it was so popular here at the Portland con? Or maybe it's just really super popular everywhere. Don't ask me, I'm old!

    We heard some rumblings from our geek vendor friends that they didn't have a good show. There was talk about the poor guest list (although Dean Cain, John Barrowman, Nichelle Nichols, and Tatiana Maslany were there, along with such not-at-all-hasbeens as Montel Williams, Erik Estrada, and the aforementioned KATO KAELIN), and the show floor being laid out differently. Were you there? What did you think?



    Happy Valentine's Day from Harebrained!

    don't open red inside period panties valentine


    Happy Valentine's Day! Maybe you're spending the day with your loved one, going out for a romantic dinner, followed by champagne, chocolate, and hanky panky. Maybe you're spending it alone (treat yo'self!). Maybe you think it's a Hallmark holiday, primarily created by companies trying to leverage the guilt you feel about the parts of your relationship that aren't picture perfect into money that goes from your pocket into theirs in exchange for some cheap crappy disposable gift that won't make up for the fact that you never clean the bathroom and you always let the garbage fill up too high making it extremely difficult to get the opening of the garbage bag out from under the lip of the can and hey while we're talking about your flaws maybe you could try to be on time for once in your fucking life by not rolling out of bed at the last possible minute after hitting your snooze 5 times. 


    Valentine's Day means lots of things to lots of people!


    Whatever your thoughts on Valentine's Day, Harebrained has some V-Day cards to share with you. These Valentines cards are based on Period Panties underwear, intended to help you get into your SO's underwear. Our gift to you!

    staining things period panties valentinekruel aid ma'am period panties valentinecunt dracula period panties valentine

    Call of cunthuluCrime Scene Period Panties ValentineCamp Blood Friday the 13th Period PantiesFlesh Wound Monty Python Period Panties ValentineRedrum The Shining Period Panties ValentineWonder Womban Woman Period Panties Valentine