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Watch how people react to seeing our Period Panties for the first time!

We spend a lot- A LOT- of time on the road every year, covering tens of thousands of miles, eating lots of beefie sticks, drinking lots of gas station coffee, and singing lots of Hall & Oates along the way. With us vending at events such as neighborhood festivals, comic cons, music fests, Christmas bazaars, and night markets for more than half the weekends in a year, we bring our Period Panties, baby onesies, and shirts to every continental corner we can find. And you might think..."Geez, how many beefies and Super 8 waffles can one person eat before the telltale signs of pre-diabetes starts rearing its ugly head?" It's a fair question, to which I will tell you the answer, and in the process divulge the secret to a long, healthy life: road salad is better than no salad at all.

But also, more pertinently to this blog post, you might think, "Wow, that's a LOT of weekends on the road- what fuels you besides greasy beefies and blue-eyed soul deep cuts?" The answer to that, my friends, is quite simple- watching people react to our products. Watching the penny drop as people process "Shark Week", "Nightmare on Bed Sheets", and "Cunt Dracula" is something that fills us with an endless reservoir of joy. We cannot get enough of the genuine shock, laughter, and surprise that people show when they realize just what it is they're looking at.

We decided to film those reactions at an anime convention in November of 2016 so that we could share them:

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