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New undies!

we all bloat period panties briefs

Introducing the cuddliest, cutest little sewer clown you've ever seen! There is at least one Harebrained employee (COLE) who had nightmares for years as a child thanks to a VHS copy of "It" that was taped off the tv when he was 5 (where were his parents?), but how could that innocent little face scare you? What a wuss! Pennywise is here, just waiting to brandish your butt!

menstrual mania period panties briefs

And in this corner, at 3'8", the littlest terror, the rage-filled psycho, the irrational, bloated, weepy-screamy-emotionally-imbalanced lunatic...MENSTRUAL MANIA! The Ultimate-Warrior-like persona will help you fend off anybody or anything that stands between you and a little tub o' Ben and Jerry's.


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