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    2017's Shirt Designs!

    2017 was an amazing year for us! We had a birth, a wedding, and we hired a new employee! We released two non-period related underwear lines (Bad Natured and Hunky Junkies) and a trivia game (Shit For Brains)! In addition to that, we designed more shirt designs in 2017 than any other year! (Check out those designs here!)

    Hopefully we can outdo ourselves in 2018!

    Master has given Dobby a gig!

    dobby danzig
    Inspired by our recent experience slinging panties at Riot Fest in Chicago, here's our newest t-shirt design- Dobby! So far in interviews, Danzig has been very tight-lipped about his love for Harry Potter and this house elf, but we're fairly certain he's a lover of all things Hogwarts.
    Get it on our etsy page:

    Mega Man & Wolverine Shirts! SNIKT!

    Now that I'm a 34 year old, I can look back at my early gaming years with a certain fondness. Sure, I was awkward looking, didn't talk much and shook with excitement when it was my turn to play– but I still consider those days rather formidable to making me the person that I am today. None more so than Mario Bros 3 for the NES. That game had insane 8-bit graphics, secrets within the game, and was a huge leap in gameplay from Mario 2. I mean, Mario could fly if he had a raccoon tail and ears! It made no sense, and as a kid I loved it. Fuck, I still love it. So needless to say, the Mario Bros 3 cover was also my favorite. It was so simple, yet instantly iconic. 

    So it shouldn't shock anyone that if I'm going to make a t-shirt design, that it'll pay homage to that classic video game cover! So here's two brand new designs! Super Weapon X and Super Rock Man! Both are dedicated to two other dear characters in my childhood: Wolverine and Mega Man. (Full Disclosure: I hired Obvian: The Art of Nathan Davis) to design Super Weapon X) Both are up on Harebrained's Teepublic store! Is there a shirt that you'd like to see Harebrained design? Send us an email or let us know in the comments!