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    Shit For Brains Blog

    SFB Bar Trivia Picture Rounds

    SFB Bar Trivia Picture Rounds Harebrained

    Did you know that before Shit For Brains was a real live game that you could hold in your real live hands, it was a trivia night at a really great Chicago dive bar?! Every trivia night, we had a brand new picture round and it was just as dark and educational as you might think it was. We figured that while everyone is on lockdown and slowly losing their minds, we are offering these picture rounds free for anyone who wants them in order to SAVE YOUR MINDS. Bring the bar trivia to you; tell some friends and fill them out while you video chat! Click here to download Shit For Brains picture rounds!


    LETTUCE PRAY Harebrained

    Did you know that ancient egyptians had a god named Min that was in charge of lettuce AND penises?! Wiki